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Carte Blanche

The setting: A beautiful dining room, where contemporary crystal chandeliers shine softly on crushed velvets, natural wood and plush carpeting that, in contrast with striking designer touches, create a subdued ambiance in which to enjoy your very special meal.

The concept: Order from one of the seasonal menus, or opt to dine Carte Blanche with the help of our chef to design your meal.

Don’t be surprised if some of the dishes on the menu lack descriptions. This simply means that a discussion with the chef is required to reveal how you prefer your meat or fish, from the ideal cooking time to the best seasoning and accompaniment. You can also choose to be surprised by giving carte blanche to our culinary team and master sommelier, who is on hand to pair each dish with the perfect wine.

The chef

Our head chef, Jean-Philippe Perol, knows the importance of using locally sourced seasonal products. Not only are they good for the local community and, in turn, play their part in preserving the planet, they are also good for our bodies. By using ingredients when they are at their most flavorful and cooking them at low temperatures, Perol is able to reduce unnecessary salts, sugars and fats – keeping guests both healthy and happy. When creating the concept at Carte Blanche, the chef wanted to make sure he was out in the dining room with his guests, discussing dishes and exploring new horizons together. He also greatly values the input of his culinary team and suppliers when it comes to designing his menus.

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